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About Us

The Tire Squire and staff has over 40 years experience in the specialty tire business. From manufacturing to distribution and sales, we know every part of where a tire comes from and where its going.

No other online tire store has the specialty tire background and expertise available direct to the consumer. An expertise and knowledge of the business to be able to suggest, if need be, what tire would best fit what application. The Tire Squire allows customers a place to research, ask questions and purchase specialty tires based upon their individual needs all in one site.

Whether you are an off-road enthusiast, avid golfer, love to pull your toy-hauler or boat trailer, we have the right tire for you.

The Tire Squire offers an secure online shopping experience at your finger tips. We can provide access to all the product options (nationwide), something that a brick and mortar can not offer based on distribution rights and territories. The Tire Squire is a Super-Mega specialty tire warehouse, we have no distribution agreements we can ship anywhere in the US without restrictions. As an added bonus, with our expertise, we have the ability to offer suggestions online based on use and application, giving the customer satisfaction knowing that they are getting the best tire for their individual needs.

ATV Tires, RV Tires, Golf Cart Tires, Trailer Tires, UTV Tires, Forklift Tires, Skidsteer Tires, Tractor Tires, Farm Tires, Wheelbarrow Tires, Lawn Mower Tires

The Tire Squire is your online tire HERO!